June 30, 2004


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Firefox - The Browser, Reloaded

Firefox - The Browser, Reloaded
Before I get to anything else, I'd just like to put a plug in for Mozilla Firefox, the open-source browser that's been my web surfing tool of choice for the past few months.

In light of recent news regarding still more security exploits in Microsoft's Internet Explorer, this seems like a particularly good time to inform some of the less tech-saavy that a choice does exist in terms of which browser to use to surf the web. IE, in its current form, is just too bug-ridden and too much of a security hole, and I've decided that I'm going to try and switch people over, starting with Wendy. I prefer Firefox, but the Mozilla Browser and Opera are also worthy choices.

I've resisted moving people over to alternative browsers because there are still some sites which assume you are using IE, and code only for IE, with the result that pages might look weird, or might not function at all. But with recent exploits of IE, it's time to move 'em over.

N.B. folks: use IE at your own peril.


Note the pithy new name! I was getting tired of everything of mine being plien, so with one quick change, I now present... blien! This will work until I give one of my kids a first name beginning with 'B'.

I've given up the ghost temporarily on trying to publish this to HostRocket. Blogger says HostRocket doesn't support passive FTP. HostRocket says they do, even though I can't get it work work with FileZilla, and Blogger still can't publish. Gonna have to talk with HR front-line support again...

Speaking of front-line support, does it bug anyone else that front-line support is generally useless. You can tell they're all reading from a script, the suggestions of which you've already tried. Try as you might to try and get to a second level tech, they always fall back on asking you the same questions (did you log back off and on? Did you restart the app? Did you restart the computer? etc... You just have to answer "Yes" as quickly as you can and hope you can quickly get to someone who knows what they're talking about.

June 21, 2004

OK, this is my second post. I'm still not able to have Blogger publish my blog to an external web site. As far as I can tell, all of the connect information that I have supplied is corrct, but it still keeps failing with some sort of connectivity or I/O error.

I suppose I'll start publishing posts like this to try and grab a free GMail account. Oh, and I'l also keep trying the external publish functionality.

Maybe it'll work one day...